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Vol. X, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 1980 A Letter from Louisbourg, 1756 (with an introduction by Ken Donovan) Details   PDF
Monsieur de la Varenne, Ken Donovan
Vol. IX, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 1979 A Liberal Dose: Some Books about Public Men and Backroom Boys Details   PDF
Roger Graham
Vol. XIX, No. 2 Spring/Printemps 1990 A Loyalist Life: John Bond of South Carolina and Nova Scotia Details   PDF
Carole W. Troxler
Vol. XVI, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 1986 "A Machine of Oppression Under the Guise of the Law": The Saint John Police Establishment Details   PDF
Greg Marquis
Vol. XI, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 1981 A Man and his Mistress: J.F.W. DesBarres and Mary Cannon Details   PDF
Lois D. Kernaghan
Vol. XX, No. 2 Spring/Printemps 1991 A Man for All Seasons: Frank John Dixie Barnjum, Conservationist, Pulpwood Embargoist and Speculator! Details   PDF
Thomas R. Roach, Richard Judd
Vol. XX, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 1990 A Maturing of Purpose: Recent Publications in the History of Technology and the Physical Sciences of Canada Details   PDF
Don MacLeod
Vol. XV, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 1985 A New Acadia: The Acadian Migrations to South Louisiana, 1764-1803 Details   PDF
Carl A. Brasseaux
Vol. XXIX, No. 2 Spring/Printemps 2000 A Note on "Region" in Writing the History of Atlantic Canada Details   HTML   PDF
Ian McKay
Vol. XIV, No. 2 Spring/Printemps 1985 A Nova Scotia-Maine Historical Correspondence, 1869 Details   PDF
Alice R. Stewart, James B. Vickery, Edward S. Kellogg
Vol. XIII, No. 2 Spring/Printemps 1984 A Pair of Kings Details   PDF
J. L. Granatstein
Vol. XXVI, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 1996 A "Petticoat Polity"?: Women Voters in New Brunswick Before Confederation Details   PDF
Kim Klein
Vol. XXI, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 1991 A Post-Mortem on Regional Policy in Canada Details   PDF
Paul Phillips
Vol. XXXII, No. 2 Spring/Printemps 2003 "A Reluctant Concession to Modernity": Alcohol and Modernization in the Maritimes, 1945-1980 Details   HTML   PDF
Greg Marquis
Vol. XXXVI, No. 2 Spring/Printemps 2007 A Rich and Hearty Broth: The Oxford Companion to Canadian History Details   HTML   PDF
Scott W. See
Vol. X, No. 2 Spring/Printemps 1981 A Ride on the Rapido Details   PDF
Cole Harris
Vol. XLI, No. 1 Winter/Spring - Hiver/Printemps (2012) A River Runs Through It: Churchill Falls and the End of Newfoundland History Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jerry Bannister
Vol. XXIV, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 1994 "A Species of Vassalage": The Issue of Class in the Writing of Newfoundland History Details   PDF
Jerry Bannister
Vol. XXX, No. 2 Spring/Printemps 2001 A Tangled Web: Thoughts on Pedagogy in On-Line Teaching Details   HTML   PDF
Stephen Dutcher
Vol. XXXIV, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 2004 A Taxonomy of Methodological Approaches in Recent Canadian Legal History Details   HTML   PDF
R. Blake Brown
Vol. XXXII, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 2002 Aboriginal Health in Canada Details   HTML   PDF
Peter L. Twohig
Volume XLIV, Number 2 Summer/Autumn - Été/Autumne (2015) Abortion in New Brunswick Details   HTML   PDF
Lianne McTavish
Volume 45, Number 1 (2016) Acadian Leaders and Louisiana, 1902-1955 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Carolynn McNally
Vol. IV, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 1974 Acadians in Exile: The Experiences of the Acadian in the British Seaports Details   PDF
Niaomi Griffiths
Vol. I, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 1971 Acadiensis II Details   PDF
P. A. Buckner
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