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Vol. XLI, No. 1 Winter/Spring - Hiver/Printemps (2012) Details   HTML   PDF
Corinne Laplante
Vol. XXXIII, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 2003 ‘A Tempest in a Teapot’: Canadian Military Planning and the St. Pierre and Miquelon Affair, 1940-1942 Details   HTML   PDF
Martin F. Auger
Volume XLIII, Number 1 Winter/Spring - Hiver/Printemps (2014) “A Calamity From Which No Relief Can Be Expected”: Empire, Authority, and Civilian Responses to the French Occupation of Newfoundland, June-September 1762 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Mark Osborne Humphries
Volume XLIV, Number 1 Winter/Spring - Hiver/Printemps (2015) “A Fine, Hardy, Good-Looking Race of People”: Travel Writers, Tourism Promoters, and the Highland Scots Identity on Cape Breton Island, 1829-1920 Abstract   HTML   PDF
J. I. Little
Vol. XXXVI, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 2006 “A Great and Noble Scheme”: Thoughts on the Expulsion of the Acadians Details   HTML   PDF
John Mack Faragher
Vol. XXXVIII, No. 2 Summer/Autumn - Été/Automne 2009 “A highly favoured people”: The Planter Narrative and the 1928 Grand Historic Pageant of Kentville, Nova Scotia Abstract   HTML   PDF
Alison Norman
Volume 47, Number 2 (2018) “A more disgraceful case it has seldom fallen to our lot to comment upon”: Medical Malpractice in 19th-Century New Brunswick Abstract
R. Blake Brown
Volume XLIV, Number 1 Winter/Spring - Hiver/Printemps (2015) “Are They Getting Out of Control?” The Renegotiation of Nursing Practice in the Maritimes, 1950-1970 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Peter Twohig
Vol. XXXVIII, No. 2 Summer/Autumn - Été/Automne 2009 “Are we going to do the most important things?” Senator Muriel McQueen Fergusson, Feminist Identities, and the Royal Commission on the Status of Women Abstract   HTML   PDF
Gail G. Campbell
Volume 46, Number 1 (2017) “Damn TORYISM say I”: Dissent, Print Culture, and Anti-Confederation Thought in James Barry’s Diary Details   HTML   PDF
Daniel Samson
Vol. XXXIX, No. 1 Winter/Spring - Hiver/Printemps 2010 “Delinquents Often Become Criminals”: Juvenile Delinquency in Halifax, 1918-1935 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Michael Boudreau
Vol. XXXVI, No. 2 Spring/Printemps 2007 “Everything was new, yet familiar”: British Travellers, Halifax and the Ambiguities of Empire Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jeffrey L. McNairn
Vol. XLI, No. 1 Winter/Spring - Hiver/Printemps (2012) “If you’re in quest of the Folk, you’ve come to the wrong place”: Recent Trends in Atlantic Canadian Literary Criticism Details   HTML   PDF
Peter Thompson
Volume XLI, No. 2 Summer/Autumn - Été/Automne (2012) “Inviting Coworkers”: Linking Scholars of Atlantic Canada on the Twitter Backchannel Details   HTML   PDF
Katherine O'Flaherty, Robert Gee
Volume XLII, No. 1 Winter/Spring - Hiver/Printemps (2013) “Memorial Constructions”: Representations of Identity in the Design of the Grand-Pré National Historic Site, 1907-Present Abstract   HTML   PDF
Michael Gagné
Vol. XXXVI, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 2006 “Missionary for Culture”: Walter Abell, Maritime Art and Cultural Democracy, 1928-1944 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kirk Niergarth
Vol. XLI, No. 1 Winter/Spring - Hiver/Printemps (2012) “Not in the Atlantic Provinces”: The Abortion Debate in New Brunswick, 1980-1987 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Katrina R. Ackerman
Volume 45, Number 1 (2016) “Prince Edward Island’s unique ‘brotherly love’ community”: Faith and Family, Communalism and Commerce in B. Compton Limited, 1909-1947 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Ruth Compton Brouwer
Vol. XXXVI, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 2006 “The Battle of Grand Pré”: The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada and the Commemoration of Acadian History Abstract   HTML   PDF
Roger Marsters
Volume 46, Number 2 (2017) “The school book question is a farce”: Free Textbook Provision in Nova Scotia, 1864-1944 Abstract
Penny Clark, K.M. Gemmell
Volume 46, Number 1 (2017) “their unalienable right and privilege”: New Brunswick’s Challenge to the Militarization of the British Empire, 1807-1814 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Elizabeth Mancke, David Bent, Mark J. Mclaughlin
Volume XLI, No. 2 Summer/Autumn - Été/Automne (2012) “Ushered into the Kitchen”: Lalia Halfkenny, Instructor of English and Elocution at a 19th-Century African American Women’s College Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jennifer Harris
Volume XLII, Number 2 (2013) « L’Acadie aux Acadiens » ! : Le nationalisme du Parti acadien, 1977-1982 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Michael Poplyansky
Vol. XXIX, No. 2 Spring/Printemps 2000 « L’Acadie, c’est un détail »: Les représentations de l’Acadie dans le récit national canadien Details   HTML   PDF
Jacques Paul Couturier
Vol. V, No. 1 Autumn/Automne 1975 Beyond the Atlantic Roar Details   PDF
W. S. MacNutt
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