Contributors / Collaborateurs

Contributors / Collaborateurs

1 JASON HALL recently completed his PhD in history at the University of New Brunswick, and has received a Governor General’s Gold Medal Award for his dissertation on the environmental and cultural history of the St. John River. He is currently researching industrialization, tourism, and Maliseet resource use in New Brunswick during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

2 MARTHA WALLS is an assistant professor of history at Mount Saint Vincent University. She is currently working on a book-length study of the Micmac Community Development Project of the 1960s.

3 PATRICK MANNION’S 2013 dissertation “The Irish Diaspora in Comparative Perspective: St. John’s, Newfoundland, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Portland, Maine, 1880-1923” is a comparative study of Irish community and identity in those three port cities, focusing particularly on the construction of nationalism in different regional contexts. He is currently a per-course instructor in the Department of History, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

4 DONALD CAHILL is a marine artist (maritime history) and naturalist located in Percé, Québec, and MARTIN OUELLET is a researcher and wildlife veterinarian also based in Percé. Both authors are part of the Amphibia-Nature research group, and they are also professional mariners and have been part of whale watching tours in those areas navigated by Jacques Cartier at the eastern tip of the Gaspé Peninsula.

5 SANDRA BARNEY is a professor of history at Lock Haven University and has written and presented on the Appalachian region of the United States and on the Maritimes. Her work is increasingly focused on examining the Appalachian region from a transnational perspective that recognizes both Canadian and US experiences.

6 LIANNE MCTAVISH is a professor in the history of art, design, and visual culture at the University of Alberta, and has published three monographs – the most recent of which is Feminist Figure Girl (SUNY Press, 2015). Her current research is a manuscript – Illness as Opportunity in Early Modern France – as well as a project on the more than 300 rural and small town museums located throughout Alberta.

7 PHILIPPE VOLPÉ est doctorant en histoire à l’Université d’Ottawa. Il détient une bourse du Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines du Canada.

8 LYNDSAY CAMPBELL is an associate professor in the faculties of law and arts (history) at the University of Calgary.

9 JANE NICHOLAS is an associate professor in the Department of Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies at St. Jerome’s University in the University of Waterloo. Her most recent book is The Modern Girl: Feminine Modernities, The Body, and Commodities in the 1920s (University of Toronto Press, 2015), and she is currently finishing a manuscript on the history of the freak show in Canada from 1900 to the 1970s.

10 DON NERBAS is an assistant professor in the Department of History and Culture at Cape Breton University. He is the author of Dominion of Capital: The Politics of Big Business and the Crisis of the Canadian Bourgeoisie, 1914-1947 (University of Toronto Press, 2013).